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  • 公司名稱: Dragone Macau Limited

  • Introduction:

    FRANCO DRAGONE, the world's most spectacular showmaker, is looking for the most talented people to join his team in Macau. We are currently seeking experienced, world-class entertainment specialists, artists, administration support and theatrical technicians in the following areas.

    全球享負盛名之靈感創作導演FRANCO DRAGONE誠意招聘各方專才加入其於澳門之團隊, 職位空缺包括以下範疇之世界級專業藝員, 演員, 管理及支援人員及舞台技術員:


Lead Coach

 The Lead Coach reports to the Head of Coaching and assists the Head of Coaching in the management and planning of the Coaching Department in accordance to the specific needs of the artists. He supports the maintenance of safe and consistent operations of all show acts.

1. Roles and Responsibilities:

• Assist in the maintenance of the Acrobatic and Gymnastic integrity of the show in tandem with and under the direction of the Head of Coaching.
• Manage as required the rehearsal and training schedule with Stage Management.
• Assist and or lead the training sessions during operations of the show as necessary under the directives of the Head of Coaching.
• Delegate certain training elements to the Act Captains as appropriate.
• Maintain a dialogue with the Head of Coaching on different ideas of continual act development.
• Adopt and support all security and Safety procedures and protocols.
• Respect entirely the confidential nature of all information related to him/her by the artistic staff, particularly as concerns medical and/or insurance cases.
• Write, manage and maintain the Coaching Operations Bible seeing that it is up to date, pertinent and being used.
• Facilitate inner and interdepartmental meetings as needed.
• Maintain clear and precise reporting.
• Advise on and handle departmental purchases according to Head of Coaching approval.
• Work with the Head of Coaching and the Technical department, to develop and create acrobatic, aerial and gymnastic acts.
• Advise on bio mechanical possibilities and artist possibilities for created acts.
• Facilitate the exchange and diffusion of pertinent information with other members of the artistic team notably Performer Wellness, Stage Management, and Technical Teams.
• Assist the Head of Coaching in fixing objectives that can be realised taking into account the general workload during operations.
• Assist the Head of Coaching in collaboration with the ensemble of the Artistic Direction team in the tracking and evaluation of the performance and evolution of each artist.
• Support the consistent implementation and execution of Artists training and conditioning on a daily, mid and long term basis.
• Assist the Head of Coaching in preparation of integration and reintegration of artists either during cast changeovers or reintegration after illness or injury in collaboration with the Performer Wellness Department and Stage Management.
• Support the ongoing development of specific training programmes in conjunction with the Performer Wellness department all the while underscoring the personal responsibility of the performers themselves.
• Is consulted on all reintegration of performers and on the hiring of new staff and consultants.
• Is informed on all workman’s compensation insurance policies.
• Is informed on any scheduled visits from the creative teams.

2. Qualifications :

• University Degree or College and related experience.

• Minimum 2 years experience in coaching, training, and/or acrobatic performance.
• Sports Management or Performer Management experience preferred.

Other Skills
• Able to supervise personnel and to perform under pressure.
• Able to understand the context of a financial budget as it pertains to his/her responsibilities.
• Ableto be a team builder and to lead strong teams.
• Computer literacy as it pertains to PC based systems and common office software/MAC.
• Able to swim - high level of comfort in water.
• Able to train and certify as a SCUBA DIVER, if required.
• Willing to learn or update lifesaving skills.
• Willing to learn and become CPR trained.
• Able to withstand prolonged exposure to water.
• Willing to define, practice and conform to safe working procedures.
• Fluency in Englsih is required – other languages are assets.

Interested parties, please send your resume to recruit@dragone.com.

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  • 21/03/2019