Special Response Team - Level 2 - Public Attractions Job in 娛樂場 - 其他 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: Wynn Palace

Special Response Team - Level 2 - Public Attractions

Job Purpose: To provide and be accountable to be part of a rope rescue team to evacuate public from the Wynn Palace Skycab. Role will also be part of Public Attractions Team to provide labour and technical support necessary for the safe, successful operation of the Public Attractions at Wynn Palace.

Key Responsibilities
• Ability to be part of the rope rescue team to implement the execution of rescue techniques of the Wynn Palace Skycab.
• Participate in extensive training of gondola rescue. Learn more technically difficult rescues from the L3’s. Assist the L3 in training the relief roster.
• Must possess critical reasoning skills and be able to remain calm whilst applying them in stressful situations.
• Confidently accept the high level of responsibility required for this position.
• Inspect, maintain and catalogue all rescue equipment, ensuring it is in a constant state of readiness for trainings and rescues.
• Assist as required to perform maintenance and repair work for all the mechanical, controls, plumbing, and electrical regarding all Public Attractions including the Atrium Shows, Dining 5 and Performance Lake equipment and WET related equipment for the entire lake feature system.
• Assist to complete all assigned work orders for technicians and prepare the required documentation and status reports for Supervisor as needed.
• Ensure the work complies with the best health and safety standards, Assist in the ongoing development to improve health and safety policies and procedures, ensure that everyone is following the most up-to-date and safest procedures.
• Assist with monitoring any works by contractors and vendors to ensure the work quality and safety.
• Ensure workshops and other facilities are kept clean, tidy and safe. Also ensure health and safety standards are closely monitored and constantly improved to avoid any health or injury hazards occurring from malpractices.
• Be responsible for general administrative work such as record keeping, spare parts stock keeping under the Management Supervision.

Competencies and Requirements
Experience: IRATA L2 or equivalent; equivalent experience would be a technician spending between 5 and 10 hours on ropes a week for between 3 to 5 years, either in entertainment i.e. a rigger, automation, lighting that is required to work on ropes or someone from industry that is required to be on ropes. Experience in theatre, animation, control systems, production, operating and maintenance of equipment a plus. Experience in audio visual and theatre lighting systems a plus.
Knowledge/Certificates: Certified High Level Rope Access Techniques training, IRATA L2 a plus. Basic Fall Protection training. Ability to pass a pre-employment physical and Height Familiarly and Comfort Level practical test. Must have a positive and safety conscious attitude. First Aid and CPR certified a plus. Previous rope rescue experience. Rigging Training a plus. Previous theme park or amusement park maintenance experience a plus. Willingness to become Open Water and SCUBA certified.
Education: Technical/Trade school or equivalent. Bachelor degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering is preferred.
Language Abilities: Good English (as the rescue will be conducted in English), Cantonese or Mandarin an advantage.
Computer Skills: Basic skill in using computers. Knowledge of computer hardware configuration and software programming an advantage.

To apply, please visit wynncareersmacau.com or by email: jobs@wynnpalace.com

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