Deputy Lead Wigs and Make Up Technician Job in 娛樂 / 藝術 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: Dragone Macau Limited

  • Introduction:

    FRANCO DRAGONE, the world's most spectacular showmaker, is looking for the most talented people to join his team in Macau. We are currently seeking experienced, world-class entertainment specialists, artists, administration support and theatrical technicians in the following areas.

    全球享負盛名之靈感創作導演FRANCO DRAGONE誠意招聘各方專才加入其於澳門之團隊, 職位空缺包括以下範疇之世界級專業藝員, 演員, 管理及支援人員及舞台技術員:


Deputy Lead Wigs and Make Up Technician

 Reports to the Head of Wardrobe (HOD), Assistant Head of Wardrobe (AHOD), and to the
Lead Wardrobe Technician

2. Objective:
 Maintain a “Teamwork Attitude” within the Wardrobe Workroom Organization. Overseeing Wardrobe Standard Operational Procedures and Policies with the Wardrobe Technicians and Wigs/Make-up Technicians.

 Maintain a “Positive Work Environment” in maintaining a tidy and safe work area within the Wardrobe Department, Laundry Area, Dressing Rooms, Pantry, and Storage Areas. Communicate to your team a job well done, as well as advise and coach those who needs improvement within your team. Inform AHOD and HOD of any coaching needed for improvement within your team.

 Respect the artistic integrity of the Costume Design, Headpieces, Accessories, and Footwear in regards to the “Look” on a long term running show.

 Maintain a “Follow Through” communication of all information in regards to the department. Provide full support to the HOD, AHOD, Leads, and Deputies with sharing that information in all areas of the operation of the workshop, company, and production.

 Maintain a pro-active approach to problem solving and solutions to support the department, as well as team member development.

 Lead confidently, as well as assist in developing and coaching confidence within team members to assist them to becoming leaders.

3. Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible / Accountable

• Assist the training of new Wardrobe Technicians and assist in maintaining the standards of all Wardrobe Technicians. Assist with is a clear induction to radio protocol, emergency radio dispatch of Physio support in non-show and in full show conditions.

• Check emails daily and be informed on daily and weekly projected schedules. In the event of personal illness or Annual Leave you must inform your Lead Wardrobe Technician and AHOD of any relevant information in the smooth running of operations.

• Assist with the Planning, Organizing, and prioritizing the daily maintenance of Costumes, Headpieces, Accessories, and Footwear; ensuring costumes are ready for fittings, rehearsals, validation, and performances.

• Visit each performer dressing room for any notes, alterations, or concerns that cast members may have. Report any notes and concerns and follow through with the performers that their notes and concerns have been addressed.

• Assist with maintaining and update Inventory Records of Costume Stock and Accessories stored
on-site, off-site, and actively in show

• Be responsible for Costume Fittings, Costume Construction, Pattern Making, and Techniques such as; dying and painting of Costumes, Accessories, Headpieces, and Footwear as required.

• During all operations, assist with laundry and maintenance, including the development of repairs and cleaning procedures.

• Assist with the integration of new Costumes, Headpieces, Accessories, and Footwear.

• In the absence of the Lead Wardrobe Technician:
o Be responsible for the Duty Rotation Schedule of Technicians involving Laundry, Costumes, Headpieces, and Footwear.
o When integrating new Costumes, Headpieces, Accessories, and Footwear contact Coaching and work with the Lead Wardrobe Attendant and Deputy Lead Wardrobe Attendant to integrate these new items into the show and removal of old costumes.
o Work with Stage Management and attend Weekly Schedule Meeting to organize Costume Fittings, Headpiece Fitting, Footwear Fitting and Makeup Sessions.
o Assist with shipment of Costumes, Prototypes, and Supplies to Costume Makers and Vendors.
o Inform AHOD and HOD and submit work orders to ETD for any machinery or equipment repairs.
o Communicate the work schedule and any issues regarding sewing machine equipment with our Sewing Machine Maintenance Technician Vendor.
• Inform AHOD and HOD of Wardrobe Technician absenteeism and reorganize fittings and laundry rotation as necessary.

• Communicate all notes, alterations, artist requirements during our Weekly Leads and Deputies Meeting.

• Update Daily Towel Bin Counts at LB1 North and Loading Dock. Report any shortages to AHOD and HOD.

• Attend Wardrobe Group Notes and Focus on the set priorities of the week.

• Respect and adhere to deadlines and inform AHOD and HOD promptly of any Issues that may arise within the department.

• Adhere to and enforce safety policies and participate in all required Health & Safety Classes.

• Support all Wardrobe Rules and Artist Policies. Maintain a “No Mobile Device” use during working hours. Report lateness, behavioral concerns, and team member’s issues to the AHOD and HOD. Advise Wardrobe Technicians to wear closed toed shoes in all working activities during working hours.
• Work with the Head of Wardrobe to respect and maintain creation and artistic changes, development and evolution of the show.
• Assist with promotional events and photo shoots as needed.
• Assist with the distribution and inventory of training gear.
• Assist with maintaining and updating of the Wardrobe Costume Bible and all related records.
• Assist with the training of interns.

• Be respectful of coordination with other Departments, Artistic Management, Stage Management, and Technical Direction, for the scheduling and running of performances and rehearsals.
• Within the entire Artistic and Technical team, respect safety programs.

• Assist with the ordering and tracking of the department’s consumables and equipment.
• Informed by the Wardrobe Attendants of any specific requirements for the performers.

4. Qualifications :

• College or technical diploma in related field.

• 3-5 Years of experience in a position in a theatrical wardrobe.
• Extensive knowledge of costume construction methods, care, and maintenance.

Other Skills
• Must be fully experienced and proficient in the use and maintenance of all technical wardrobe machinery and equipment
• Required to have a strong background in practical techniques, machine and hand sewing skills to manage the maintenance of the show.
• Have knowledge and experience in pattern cutting and manipulation, fittings, alterations, and building techniques
• Fluent in English (Written, Spoken) is required;
• Fluent in Cantonese or French is a plus.

  • 職位要求

  • 中級管理層 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 中學 
  • 娛樂 
  • 娛樂 / 藝術 (文藝娛樂) 
  • 13/12/2018