Stage Manager Job in 娛樂 / 藝術 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: Dragone Macau Limited

  • Introduction:

    FRANCO DRAGONE, the world's most spectacular showmaker, is looking for the most talented people to join his team in Macau. We are currently seeking experienced, world-class entertainment specialists, artists, administration support and theatrical technicians in the following areas.

    全球享負盛名之靈感創作導演FRANCO DRAGONE誠意招聘各方專才加入其於澳門之團隊, 職位空缺包括以下範疇之世界級專業藝員, 演員, 管理及支援人員及舞台技術員:


Stage Manager

1. Main purpose of the job :

A Stage Manager for The House of Dancing Water is part of an 8-person team who facilitate the daily operations of the show in Macau, China. A Stage Manager reports directly to the General Stage Manager and is a member of the Artistic Department.

2. Roles and Responsibilities:

• Provide assistance to the performers and support the performers by assisting and guiding their interaction with all stage management needs.
• Assist in creating a positive atmosphere for all show personnel.
• Coordinate, prepare and distribute the weekly and daily schedule for the show and performers as needed for the Repetiteurs, the Wardrobe Department, the Artistic Coordinator and General Stage Manager.
• Prepare the daily line-up for each show in coordination with the General Stage Manager, Performer Wellness, Artistic Co-ordination, Coaching and the Artistic Director.
• Track the performers rehearsal hours and record-keeping.
• Facilitate integration planning for individual new artists and cast-changeovers.
• Stage manage rehearsals and trainings as required by the General Stage Manager.
• Run stage management deck tracks and cross train others as required.
• Learn and execute the Aquatics Show call if required by the General Stage Manager.
• Learn and execute the show call if required by the General Stage Manager.
• Write daily rehearsal reports for the department.
• In the event of a problem during the running of a show, communicate the problem to the General Stage Manager and along with the technical department heads, find a solution and oversee the implementation of the plan.
• Work in close cooperation with members of the emergency team in the case of injury or a medical emergency.
• Assist with enforcing all company policies and procedures as they relate to the show.
• Assist the General Stage Manager with ensuring the the time and attendance data is accurate for the performers and stage management staff, when required.
• Attend meetings as required.
• Support the General Manager in creating an atmosphere that promotes teamwork, maximizes productivity and minimizes costs.
• Assist with maintaining all of the stage management paperwork.
• Facilitate offsite Moto training.
• Act as the General Stage Manager’s eyes and ears on stage.
• Assist the General Stage Manager with the rehearsals for the “covers” in the show.

• Assist with staging and managing special event performances, when required.
• Work with the stage management team to rehearse and implement safety plans and procedures for the stage. Assist in co-ordinating the Stage management teams response in emergency situations.
• Perform all other duties as assigned by the General Stage Manager.

3. Qualifications :

• High school diploma or GED required; a college degree preferred.

• A minimum of five (5) years experience in stage management in a variety of disciplines. Some experience as a Production Stage Manager or General Stage Manager a plus

Other Skills
• Must possess problem solving skills and strong interpersonal skills with proven skills in teamwork.
• Must be flexible and able to quickly adapt to unexpected situations, to work with a varied schedule and tight deadlines.
• Ability to learn or update lifesaving skills and to become CPR/First Responder trained.
• Ability to swim with a high level of comfort in the water.
• Ability to become Scuba certified.
• The ability to break down barriers between backstage and onstage personnel.
• Ability to provide direction and to perform under pressure.
• Must possess good written and verbal communication skills.
• Must be willing to attend rehearsal and training periods.
• Ability to work an extended schedule throughout the creation and rehearsal periods.
• Willingness to define, practice and conform to safe working procedures.
• Knowledge of MAC based systems and MS Office software.
• Ability to speak and understand English language.

Interested parties please send your resume to

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  • 18/10/2018