Marketing Manager Job in 市場推廣及公共關係 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: 微辣文化有限公司 MANNER CULTURE LTD.

  • About Us:




    Manner Culture Ltd. was established in 2013. We create innovative and entertaining contents by producing videos or photos for audiences. In the past 5 years, we have entered different social media platforms and gained fans and followers who are mainly from Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Reaching over 5 million fans in total. Manner Culture Ltd. becomes the most famous innovated integration entertainment brand in Macau and trying to develop into different parts of the world.]

    For further information about the Group, please refer to our website at [] for details.

Marketing Manager

Job Description:

  • Managing all marketing business and activities within the marketing department.
  • Build up the marketing team and developing marketing strategy for the company.
  • Coordinating with sales team to developing the marketing model and method, keep good communication with Hong Kong sale team.
  • Actively develop marketing channels and planned activities.
  • Review and measuring marketing results for further improvement.
Requirements of the role:
  • Bachelor degree in Marketing.
  • Good analytical and marketing skills.
  • 3 years of work experience is preferred
  • Strong creativity and extroversion.
  • Confident in your profession.

  • 職位要求

  • 中級管理層 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 學士學位 
  • 廣告/傳媒/公共關係 
  • 市場推廣及公共關係 (Market Research) 
    市場推廣及公共關係 (網絡市場推廣) 
  • 23/02/2021 


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