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  • 公司名稱: SG Gaming Asia Limited

Product Marketing Manager

Job Summary
Plans and manages product marketing between product management, business and the company to optimize profits and meet strategic marketing, sales targets, financial and corporate growth objectives.
Responsible for the marketing direction and management of products to customers to introduce fun, exciting, and successful new gaming products. Heavy emphasis on the coordination and organization of all facets required to successfully deliver product to sales marketing new gaming products into the market place in a cost efficient manner within a specified time frame.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Participates in overall product delivery and planning, develops analysis of market research, and product release coordination for new and emerging products in conjunction with product management requirements.
• Follows product from product management through all stages to product launch.
• Coordinates technical product development releases, estimates of potential profits, and release to sales.
• Conducts marketing analysis and focus groups to define and develop product definitions / requirements.
• Provides financial analysis, resource allocation requirements and technical justification for product selection and definition.
• Approves and submits proposals for consideration and allocation of funds.
• Allocates funds from department budget to achieve objectives.
• Develops and implements methods and procedures for monitoring projects in order to inform management, sales and customers for product releases.
• Maintains communication and contacts to collect and analyze technical, financial, marketing, schedule, and sales information for product line.
• Gives creative direction and development ideas to product management.
• Communicates knowledge of new features and technologies, development designs, etc.
• Communicates and demonstrates new product concepts prototypes and proof of concepts.
• Ensures that the company’s policies are communicated and implemented.
• Develops eMarketing concepts for products.
• Develops and implements strategy for product print media advertising.
• Coordinates the life cycle of test product placed in market.
• Coordinates customer functions for product penetration and introduction. i.e. Table game nights, product introductions, etc.
• Develops, coordinates and delivers customer newsletters, product brochures and marketing collateral for all product lines.
• Develop sales tools for sales to better introduce products to customers.
• Manage sponsorships and customer support requests.
• Manage material for ensuring Asia products are correctly displayed and explained on company website.
• Manage material for ensuring products are correctly displayed.
• Manage all new product line launches into all Asian markets where applicable.
• Develop in conjunction with product management sales packages for product penetration.

Training and/or Experience

• Five to seven years industry knowledge of product management experience.
• Extensive experience at managing income and expenses.
• Demonstrated ability to develop and manage a business plan.
• Proven track record of effective leadership and management combined with an innovative and market-driven approach.

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

• Knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts.
• Ability to apply mathematical concepts to such tasks as frequency distributions, determination of test reliability and validity, analysis of variance, correlation techniques, sampling theory, and factor analysis.
• Effective problem solving skills.
• Ability to deal with non-verbal symbolism (formulas, scientific equations, graphs, musical notes, etc.).
• Ability to process both abstract and concrete variables.
• Analytical thinker.
• Strategic planner.
• Ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers at all levels including top level management.


• Bachelors Degree.

*Macau Resident Preferable*

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