Civil Inspector 土木工程監察員 Job in 工程 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: CESL Asia - Investments & Services, Limited

  • With 29 years of existence and over 400 employees, we are a Macau company with the reputation and the local competence to provide professional services ranging from architectural, engineering & planning consultant; facilities management; investments, technology & assets and industrialized services & processes.


Civil Inspector 土木工程監察員


  • 需具3年或以上相關的施工或監管經驗
At least 3 years or above relevant constructing or supervision experience

  • 需具3年或以上土木工程相關工作經驗
At least 3 years relevant civil working experience

  • 具有安全規範及程式之工作常識
Working knowledge of safety regulations and procedures

  • 能書寫及操流利中文 (如略懂英語更佳)
Fluency in written / spoken Chinese (English preferred)

  • 良好溝通技巧
Positive and affirmative communication skills

  • 職位要求

  • 基層員工 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 中學 
  • 其他 
  • 工程 (土木工程) 
    建築 (地盤主管) 
    工程 (綜合) 
  • 20/07/2018