Director, Hotel Sales Job in 酒店營運 - 營銷及市場推廣 in Multiple Locations - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: NagaWorld

  • NagaWorld Limited is a subsidiary of NagaCorp Limited, a Publicly Listed gaming and entertainment company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is the first and best integrated hotel entertainment complex in the fast developing Mekong region.

    With the existing NagaWorld complex reaching full capacity on a regular basis, NagaCorp is constructing Naga2 a stone throw away from the current premises. Naga2 will house an additional 800 hotel rooms, 100 luxury suites and a 2500 seat theatre.
    Naga City Walk, an exclusive duty free retail mall will connect the two complexes. Naga City Walk is expected to be launched later this year with Naga2 expected to be in operation by June 2017.
    In addition to the expansion plan in Cambodia, in 2015, NagaCorp held its groundbreaking ceremony in Vladivostok, Russia for the Primorsky Entertainment Resort City "PERC" project which is expected to be completed in 2018.

Director, Hotel Sales

Job Purpose

Responsible for overseeing the daily operation and business development of Hotel Sales.

Duties and Responsibilities

Monitor and Oversee Financial Management of the Department
• Assists with strategic/business plan development, updating and monitoring;
• Assists with ensuring development of annual budget and cost management, within the context of Hotel Sales;
• Implements all sales action plans with the events team as outlined in the Marketing Plan namely MICE group segments.

Manage the Staff
• Ensures appropriate staffing consistent with needs and within the constraints of the organization’s physical and financial resources;
• Recruits, selects, orients and develops staff to meet standard performance;
• Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates the Hotel Sales’ work plan; assigns projects and programmatic responsibilities; reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures; meets with staff to identify and resolve problems.

Develop, Plan and Deliver Programs and Services
• Serving as a business representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions
• Attends major client functions and promotional events to promote sales for the hotel and meets with all influential clients;
• Recommends to General Manager direct mail/ promotional campaigns, to reach specific markets;
• Assists in the execution of familiarization/site inspection trips to hotels by major clients;
• Plans and executes sales trips to major market areas and reports to General Manager on new potential market areas that should be covered;
• To effectively carry out projects and assignment delegated by General Manager;
• Responsible and supervise the Events / MICE Team in ensuring the best deal when handling leads / inquiries (pricing strategy, special requirements) in order to convert the leads / inquiries to confirmed events/groups;
• Prepares proposals / contracts for leads / Inquiries;
• Be visible to organisers and clients during their event/group dates and monitors guest satisfaction;
• Oversees the operation of MICE / Events and works closely with various departments to ensure quality service is delivered to our clients at all times;
• Analyses market changes under direction of General Manager, implements programs with the sales team to meet these changes, i.e., changes brought about by political, economical or competitive changes in the market place;
• Carries own key accounts and establishes personal & team sales goals, and be responsible for a representative selection of key accounts;
• Maintains accurate forecasting for all group segments and identify valley periods for sales emphasis;
• Establishes programs and direct efforts to achieve group room night goals and to develop ongoing relationships with customers;
• Monitors sales production and adjust sales activities, account coverage and sales priorities as necessary to achieve plan goals;
• Maximizes sales calendar and manages space commitments and identifies opportunities for focused sales programs.


• MA/BA/Associate Degree in Marketing, Business Administration Management, Hotel Management or Hospitality or related discipline
• At least 5 year work experiences related to the job
• Possess good written and spoken English skills, knowledge of Mandarin is a plus

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  • 09/01/2017