Registered Nurse Job in 醫療服務 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: University Hospital 科大醫院

  • The University Hospital is located on the campus of Macau University of Science and Technology, in the heart of Macau’s Cotai Area. The University Hospital aims to provide high quality healthcare for both Western Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine services, with the advanced medical facilities, to all of our patients in a pleasant and comfortable environment. We are the teaching arm of the Faculty of Chinese Medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Pharmacy. This makes it the only hospital in Macau fully supported by advanced academic faculties. Our in-patient department provides various types of rooms, Semi-private room, Private room and VIP rooms, to suit patients’ needs.

Registered Nurse

 Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Nursing;
  • Minimum 7 years’ clinical experience;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, responsible and able to work independently;
  • Fluency in spoken and written Chinese and English;
  • Shift duty is required.

  • 職位要求

  • 基層員工 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 最低/少 七年工作經驗 
  • 學士學位 
  • 健身保健及美容業 
  • 醫療服務 (醫療服務) 
  • 05/03/2021 


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