Revenue Analyst Job in 財務及金融 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: 銀河娛樂 Galaxy Entertainment Group

Revenue Analyst


• Working with hotel brands to set and yield all hotel rates, packages and pricing promotions for all distribution channels using data modeling and forecasting tools based on historical, competitive influences and price/demand sensitivity.
• Ensure that the pricing and promotion strategies are book-able and in accordance to the rate parity commitment on the strategic channels.
• Performing quantitative analysis & methodologies (including forecasting, statistics, econometric modeling, linear programming and other optimization algorithms) for yield optimization; reporting and modeling to support ongoing improvements in revenue decision making and maximizing of hotel revenue.
• Performs total customer enterprise value for the purposes of making revenue optimization decisions.
• Consults regularly with internal departments to understand business needs, changing strategies and developments to improve effectiveness, validate and measure results and improve overall revenue optimization.
• Provides input into and executes the strategic plan for the reservations department consistent with the strategic vision of the hotel division and Galaxy Macau.
• Formulates, prepares and communicates reports for senior management on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, offering recommendations for revenue maximization when feasible.
• Continuously investigates new profit opportunities for Galaxy Macau.
• Consolidates, simplifies and creates new and existing reports for data analyzing.
• Ensures timely preparation of various weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports in accordance with established practices and procedures, distributing reports to management as appropriate.
• Participate in the development of Galaxy Macau’s marketing strategies to increase volume, market share, and hotel revenue, monitoring current booking trends.
• Assists in preparation of special information/statistical projects and statistical/analytical data in a timely and efficient manner, and as requested by management.
• Managers and recommends hotel room rate changes.
• Accumulates market intelligence on a daily and weekly basis and ensures that competitive and historical best practices on all channels and segments are applied within the strategy guidelines set by management.
• Monitors Galaxy Macau’s advertising, promotions, and develops reports on the effectiveness of various marketing tools.


• Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.
• Four-year College Degree or equivalent industry work experience. Degree in business, finance, hospitality management, statistics or other analytical fields preferred.
• Have exceptional intellectual, professional, and interpersonal agility with strong analytical and problem solving skills.
• Possess excellent leadership capabilities and charisma skills to influence, inspire, and motivate key stakeholders and employees around a single vision.
• Strong oral and written presentation skills
• Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with senior management team.
• Have Strong financial acumen and bottom-time orientation.
• Work in a fast-paced, busy, and somewhat stressful environment.
• Must have excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Vision.
• Must have the ability to translate information into readable and logical report structure.
• Must have the ability to perform a multiple tasks with attention to detail.
• Must be able to communicate effectively in English, in both written and oral forms.
• Must have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts.
• Maintain a professional, neat and well-groomed appearance, adhering to Galaxy Macau Standards.

  • 職位要求

  • 基層員工 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 學士學位 
  • 酒店業 
  • 財務及金融 (金融) 
    酒店營運 - 營收管理 / 訂房部 (訂房部) 
    酒店營運 - 營收管理 / 訂房部 (營收管理) 
  • 06/12/2018