Software or Product Developer 程式/產品開發員 Job in 資訊科技及電子通訊 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description



  • TCSJOHNHUXLEY, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end live gaming solutions and services. With an emphasis on leading edge technology, our product portfolio underpins our commitment to business partnerships, innovation and growth.

Software or Product Developer 程式/產品開發員

This position will play a key role in the design, development, testing and maintenance of core TCS product applications. This will include both current and legacy applications built on various platforms and using various software languages. Key to the position is also to understand future technology solutions and to help guide the TCS products to ensure they are aligned with both current and future technology.

這職位將為TCS產品發揮核心關鍵作用,提供應用的程式設計,包括開發、測試和維護。 這也包括建立在各平台上現有和舊版應用程序並使用各種軟件語言。 該職位的關鍵還在於理解未來的技術解決方案並幫助和指導TCS的生產,以確保其與當前和未來的技術保持一致。

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Review current systems architecture, coding methodology and language platforms
• Present ideas for system improvements, including architectural and functional proposals
• Work closely with product owners, sales and operations team to understand areas that may require improvements, fixes, and/or upgrades
• Produce detailed specifications, review code, and develop versions for the applications
• Test the product in controlled environments before releasing to operations sections for functional, regression and usability testing
• Preparation of user, installation, release notes and training manuals
• Maintain the systems and fix of software bugs and incompatibilities, implement new functionality, upgrade releases, implement regulatory compliance changes etc.


• Education level: Secondary diploma or certificate desired
• Experience: 2 years of software development or related experience. Casino system/product experience is desired, but not mandatory
• Specific Language Skills: C, C++, Java, SQL, Linux Scripting

Other Characteristics/Requirements:

- Expertise in current computer hardware and software
- Strong communications skills
- Ability to work in a team
- Attention to detail
- Ability to identifying problems
- Spoken and Written Languages English – required, Cantonese - optional


- 檢視系統架構、編碼方法和語言平台
- 改進系統包括提供架構及功能上的建議
- 與產品用家、銷售和運營團隊合作以其了解可能/需要的改進、修復和/或升級
- 製作詳細的規格,檢視源碼並為應用程序開發版本
- 於向營運部門發佈產品的功能,回歸和可用性測試之前,在受控環境中測試產品
- 準備有關安裝說明文件,發行和培訓手冊予用戶
- 維持系統正常運作,修復軟件缺陷,因應法規/條例而實施新功能及升級版本等


- 教育水平:中學畢業、文憑或證書
- 經驗:兩年軟件開發或相關經驗,曾有賭場系統/產品經驗更為理想
- 特定電腦語言:C,C ++,Java,SQL和Linux 編譯


- 專業的現行電腦知識包括硬件和軟件方面的
- 強的溝通能力和技巧、注意細節、有耐心的
- 流利英語包括口語和書寫能力

What we offer:
• 5 day work week
• Competitive salary, 14 days of annual leave, annual bonus, medical scheme and pension plan
本公司提供五天工作, 有薪年假14天,獎金花紅,醫療福利及退休金等。

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