Digital Marketing Intern數碼營銷實習生 (6 Months Internship) Job in 市場推廣及公共關係 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: MSS Recruitment

  • MSS Recruitment is largest and leading Executive Search & Recruitment Agency in Macau, providing many international and local companies operating in Macau with a 360° HR solution to support our clients' human resource strategies. MSS Recruitment owns, and hello-jobs weekly in Macau resulting in the largest candidate database ownership and market penetration which ensure the right candidates are sourced for each client.

    MSS Recruitment Limited enjoys excellent testimonies from our clients though our excellent service which builds positive word of mouth and referrals leading to its No 1 market position in Macau.

Digital Marketing Intern數碼營銷實習生 (6 Months Internship)

Jumpstart your career with a digital marketing Trainee program today!

Digital marketing is a newer job in the age of social media and the internet. Almost every single industry needs digital marketers in order to stay relevant in today's society.

Exciting marketing trainee opportunity with is available for marketing graduates. It is a unique opportunity that allows intern to learn all-round essential marketing skills and real world experience needed to excel in a full-time job later on.

What You Will Learn:
We provides excellent training and opportunities to support core marketing team to develop digital marketing strategies and other deliverables that help meet specific digital marketing goals and objectives. You will assist with following duties:

• Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns
• Manage and optimize content for the website and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat etc.
• Identify new digital marketing trends and ensure that the brand is in front of the industry developments
• Develop creative online marketing campaign to ensure high engagement
• Manage organization’s website’s content
• Work on SEO of the website pages
• Copywriting for digital and social media channels
• Edit and post videos, and audio content on online sites
• Promote company’s product and services in the digital space
• Execute social media efforts to improve KPIs, likes, shares, tweets, etc.
• Creating and executing email-based marketing campaigns
• Monitor digital marketing analytics to constantly improve KPIs and deliverables

Through the trainee program, you will have real world experience and practice on most of aspects in digital marketing such as content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, Email marketing, digital marketing analytics etc.

Who Should Apply

• Highly motivated and creative individual with a degree in Marketing, Branding or Communications
• Excellent in multi-tasking with strong time management skills
• Able to thrive in a fast pace and constant changing atmosphere
• Ability to function at a high level in both an individual and group setting
• Emotional intelligence with a can-do attitude

Apply Today and benefit from our training to your personal and professional growth

  • 職位要求

  • 基層員工 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 沒有工作經驗 沒有工作經驗 
  • 學士學位 
  • 廣告/傳媒/公共關係 
  • 市場推廣及公共關係 (推廣傳訊) 
    市場推廣及公共關係 (市場推廣) 
    市場推廣及公共關係 (網絡市場推廣) 
  • 20/03/2023 


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