OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Job in 設施管理 in 所有澳門特別行政區地區 - Job Description


  • 公司名稱: ZIPCITY MACAU「澳門飛索」

  • 「澳門飛索」ZIPCITY是世界首個沉浸式身臨其境的高空滑索體驗, 位於澳門葡京人,通過結合音效和幻光效果的超感觀滑翔,把高空飛索帶來的刺激感推向極限,創造獨一無二的精彩娛樂體驗。

    1. 安全第一 : 我們注重安全,致力成為行內最安全的營運商。
    2. 做熱愛的事,並表現出來 : 熱情好客,樂在其中,為顧客創造難忘的體驗。
    3. 充滿熱誠的服務 : 我們的目標是盡己所能,做到最好。
    4. 團隊合作是成功的關鍵 : 傾聽,激勵,以身作則。
    5. 做正確的事 : 有責任心、可持續發展及誠信經營。

    「澳門飛索」ZIPCITY 不僅是創新和震憾的景點,也是創造珍貴回憶的之地。 您的參予和服務正是創造難忘體驗的秘訣。我們現誠意邀請您加入我們充滿活力的團隊:

    ZIPCITY is world’s first immersive zipline adventure attraction. Located in Lisboeta Macau, our exhilarating attraction combines the gravity-fed thrills of ziplining with cutting edge technology and extra-sensory audio-visual experience.

    Behind the business is a team of passionate people, who are committed to operating high-quality zipline attractions in premium urban environments. Our mission is to create lasting memories for our customers by delivering epic experiences.

    The ZIPCITY business is being built around five core values, which are guiding principles for our employees, our culture and our brand. Our core values define our decision-making, hiring, onboarding, interactions, employee engagement and processes.

    1. Safety First.
    2. Do what you love. And show it.
    3. Perform with Passion.
    4. Teamwork makes it happen.
    5. Do the right thing.

    ZipCity is a spectacular attraction, a creator of memories and you are the secret sauce for what makes the customer’s experience memorable. We are now inviting interested candidate to join us as:



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Job Responsibilities:

  • Be a team player. Be Cheerful.
  • Memorise, and adhere to ZipCity core values.
  • Memorise, and adhere to ZipCity Standard Operating Procedures (the “SOP’s”), working with your team and reporting discrepancies to Management as they come up.
  • Memorise, and adhere to ZipCity incident, first aid and rescue procedures.
  • Operate and maintain the zipline attraction in accordance with SOP’s, completing necessary reports and paperwork as required.
  • Ensure all zipline customers and teammates are engaged in their role and operating in a safe and fun environment.
  • Give clear and precise instructions to zipline customers and team mates.
  • Maintain good business relations with zipline customers, smile, and represent our company in the best possible way at all times.
  • Be able to communicate via radio using proper radio communications, and in accordance with our SOP’s.
  • You must be able to lift and/or transport up to 50 pounds.
  • You must always maintain sufficient hydration and personal safety standards whilst on duty, and whilst working in a variety of weather conditions.
  • If you are injured at work, you must follow ZipCity employee injury procedures.

  • Greet guests warmly when entering the training area.
  • Identify and manage intoxicated, disabled, inappropriately clothed or otherwise impaired individuals and remove customers from the zipline experience as / if necessary.
  • Be responsible for training of zipline customers, fitting safety gear, and guiding them to the take-off area
  • Overseeing customers entering and exiting the zipline operating platforms, always ensuring security and safety.
  • Train up to 15 zipline customers (at one time) on how to wear, put on and take off their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and make sure that each guest and staff member is triple checked for safety before entering zipline operating areas.
  • Show zipline customers how to sit in or weight their harness properly (in the training room) so it is quicker and safer once on the customer arrives at the take-off platform.
  • Follow other training room practices as instructed by your supervisors.
  • Guide guests to the lift lobby elevator to take them to the zipline take-off areas.


  • Provide exceptional customer service to ensure customer flight experiences are safe, exciting, and memorable from start to finish.
  • If time permits, you may take photos of customers on the take-off platform using customer telephones (if permission is granted by the customer), taking care of loose objects issues and ensuring that any customer telephone is placed securely into the provided loose items bag once finished.
  • Follow ZipCity SOP’s and platform operations procedures as instructed and trained by supervisors and management.
  • Manage and monitor zipline customers movement through the attraction, check loose objects as required in our SOP’s, and ensure customers are properly tethered onto the safety system when entering zipline take-off platform, or untethered from the safety system at landing and when departing zipline operating areas.
  • Safely connect / disconnect zipline customers to / from the Zipline system, in accordance with ZipCity SOP’s and your training provided.
  • Complete and file any Incident Report Forms for incidents, accidents, injuries or near misses occurring at ZipCity in accordance with our SOP’s.
  • Complete daily, monthly, and annual safety checks of the critical safety systems, including Zipline facilities, structures, components, Staff and Guest equipment as required in our SOP’s.


Perform any maintenance duties on the attraction as requested by your Supervisors or Management, including but not limited:
  • Zipline system and PPE equipment cleaning, sterilising, maintenance and/or quarantine.
  • ZipCity attraction structures / facilities / operating areas (retail, zipline and other areas) cleaning, maintenance, repair and re-painting / touch-ups.
  • Zipline cables and zipline components cleaning, maintenance, repair and repainting / touch-ups as required.
  • Zipline lighting fixation inspection, cables and connection points inspection and other tasks as required that do not require specialist technical, electrical or ELV qualified personnel to complete, are that require insurance.
  • ZipCity specialised lighting, cables and connection points inspection and other tasks as required that do not require specialist technical, electrical or ELV qualified personnel to complete.
  • Other installation, removal, cleaning, maintenance, repair as required by ZipCity supervisors or Management.

  • Pro-actively participate in and take responsibility for guest safety and operations during ZipCity or third party photo and video shoots, KOL and press visits / shoots, VIP and invited guest events (the “Media”). During such events, you / your image may be included within photos, digital images and videos (the ‘Assets’), and you provide permission to ZipCity and the Media to use the Assets for their marketing and promotional use without limitation in accordance with the terms of your Employment Agreement.
  • Pro-actively participate in, contribute and assist in the development, planning and design of new experiences, attractions, activities, concepts and business practices (across zipline operations, retail, marketing, partnerships, events or other business areas) that may help ZipCity develop or improve its business in any way.
  • From time-to-time, supervisors and management may ask you to perform duties that are not clearly defined in this job description. It is expected that you will complete such duties.


  • Should you object to any instruction or duty assigned to you during the course of your employment with ZipCity, please make your report to your supervisor and ZipCity HR so that the case can be documented and reviewed by the related parties and Management.

  • 職位要求

  • 基層員工 
  • 所有澳門特別行政區地區, 澳門特別行政區 
  • 中學 
  • 娛樂 
  • 設施管理 (設施管理) 
    旅遊會展 (會議展覽) 
  • 05/06/2023 


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